En-suite bedrooms


Extra Large Room - £476.66 pm

REFERENCE NUMBER: extralargeroom

Contact: Brent and Lisa McCafferty.

Mobile Telephone: 07917 283848 / 07917 283849

Office: Ella Lea Court

Extra Large Room
Extra Large Room- Floor Plan

Property Features


  • Complex Name: Ella Lea Court

  • Free internet access

  • Closed circuit security TV

  • Fully furnished to high standard

  • On site office

  • Utility bills included

  • Laundry room

  • Car park


Distances- Approx.

   If walking, it would take approximately:-

  • 5 minutes to St. Peter's University Campus.

  • 5minutes maximum for Tesco Large Supermarket, McDonald's Convenience stores.

  • 10 minutes maximum to St Peter's Metro Train Station.

  • 10 minutes to City Centre Shopping.

  • 15 minutes to main registration University (5 minutes in taxi)

  • 10 minutes to the Marina and Beach.

  • 1 minute for the Doctors surgery, which is opposite our building.

  • 1 minute to the External Launderette.